Background Image of a Land Rover Forward Control

The Land Rover Forward Control

The Forward Control was first launched at The Geneva Motor Show in 1962 as a IIA Forward Control.

During its inception years the vehicle was fitted with either a 4 cylinder petrol or diesel engine which was found to be under powered for the market.

In 1966 a number of changes were made. The engine was changed to a six cylinder petrol to provide much needed extra power and torque.  Wider 'ENV' axles were fitted and at the same time, the wheelbase was increased from 109 to 110 inches.  Other minor changes to lighting position, gearchange and interior were also made at this time. This revised vehicle was named the Series IIB Forward Control.

Eventually the vehicle ceased production in 1972. The export market reached far and wide for this vehicle although as far as we can find out the vehicle was not used by the British Army.